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About Us

We bring together CEOs of lower middle market companies that intuitively feel strength by receiving feedback from like minded peers, serial entrepreneurs, veteran investors, and advisors. Our goal is to assess the scalability of their businesses leveraging AlphaEquity’s statistically proven framework for measuring and building company value and interest from investors and acquirers. Members gain access to CEO focused training, mentorship, and advisory from the best minds in business, so that they can build a business that is more scalable. CEOs will feel a greater sense of control of their work/life balance as well as gain peace-of-mind and confidence by being able to focus more strategically on how to take their business to the next level rather than be caught up in the day to day grind.

Why Pick Us?

We will help you improve the value of your businesses using data driven methodology developed from a living, breathing database of tens of thousands of privately held companies and a platform of highly specialized business advisory services. These are trained experts available to help you improve the value of your company.

We serve as a corporate development partner, collaborating with existing management advisory teams serving lower middle market enterprises between $3 and $30 million in company value.

A Big Thanks!

By joining the AlphaEquity community you will not only gain access to a variety of resources that will help with scaling your business, you will also help expand the resource pool for CEOs already in the community. The more members in the community means more free flowing ideas that help all members improve their companies value.